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Night Vision Fun Camera


> Night Vision Fun Camera is easy to use. Just launch the application to start night vision and view the world in a gorgeous effect, You can choose from many different color filters. View the world in different colors with Night Vision Camera.> The best Night Vision camera for your Android Mobile. Want to see the camera in different effects, now you can done with this free and fun camera application, Night Vision Fun Camera.
> Automatic adjustment of image to improve visibility in low light conditions. You can save images by a single button press.
> The application, Night Vision Fun Camera takes pictures at the different luminosity without any additional appliances. During the photo capture you can dynamically change camera sensitivity to achieve the best result.
> Night Vision Camera lets you see in the different effects. Maximize your device camera in the dark and click the coolest pictures, take photos even in low light environments.
> Now you can create a cool night vision effect at any time you want. You can use the cool feel of the night with Night Vision Camera, even during the day. The app will auto adjust the brightness & improve the quality of the picture.
> This application, Night Vision Fun Camera is actually a prank application developed for fun and entertainment purpose.